About Fenzi Media Group

FENZI MEDIA GROUP provides clients with results-oriented corporate development capabilities that include strategy and brand development, marketing, collateral, web technologies, media, advertising, high level corporate documents and decks, and public relations. Fenzi is a highly versatile team, committed to providing products and services that benefit and help our clients to achieve their goals.  Our broad expertise and main practice areas include professional sports, technology, biomedical and real estate. 

Fenzi Media Group - Professional Sports

Corporate Strategy, Development and Memoranda

Branding - Team and Championship Logos, Uniform Development, Mascot, Stadium, Ticketing, and Sponsors
Sponsor Deck

Marketing Strategy

Media Outreach - Web, Email, Printed Advertisements and Video

Collateral Materials, Design and Production, Banners, Playbook, Tickets, Calendar, Leaflets, Brochures and Promotions


Fenzi Media Group - Technology

Branding - Across all media and events

Marketing Strategy, Product Campaigns

Media Outreach - Web, Email, Printed Advertisements and Video

Collateral Materials, Design and Production - Packaging, Product Releases, Brochures and Leaflets, Manuals and Promotions

Sales and Marketing Event Support, Development and Registration

Fenzi Media Group - Real Estate

Branding - Corporate, properties and events

Property and Corporate Marketing Strategy, Email Campaigns, Direct Mail Campaigns

Media Outreach - Web, Email and Printed Advertisements

Corporate and Property Website Development

Collateral Materials, Design and Production - Corporate Brochures, Property Sales Information, Signage, Maps, Site Plans, Aerial Customization, Press Releases

Marketing Event Support, Open House Strategy and Sales Promotions

Fenzi Media Group determines the best strategic and tactical marketing strategies for your business to successfully market its products and/or services to dominate the marketplace. With our innovative techniques and across the board capabilities, Fenzi will assist your company to create a new marketing edge within a new and existing marketplace.