Web Development

Fenzi Media Group specializes in Joomla and Wordpress CMS website development, both custom and out of the box.

Fenzi Media Group is a boutique development shop with specialization in creating dynamic websites and web applications for tech startup community and established businesses. We take pride in being hands-on through the entire development process: from designing an engaging user interface and experience as well as implementing complex functionality.

Working extensively in branding and marketing we have been involved with forward-thinking companies such as apparel, start-ups, organic skin care, baseball teams, rugby leagues, golf course management teams, real estate developers and even fortune 500 software companies.

We help companies shape their products and services into informative and creative experiences on the web.

Portfolio of Example Websites

We can do many things for all of your design and development needs. If there is something that you want, we will find a way to develop it for you.  We believe in utilizing web technologies to simplify your every-day processes.  We will analyze your company and help you establish systems to make your world more manageable.  Fenzi Media Group truly cares about the work we do and about the people we work with and we will go out of our way to satisify our clients.

We strive to create the best experiences possible, starting with the interaction between you and us, all the way to user’s interaction with your product. We are very excited about new possibilities and always go for that perfect blend of design and technology. We’d love to discuss how we may help to turn your product into an uber experience for your clients.

Fenzi Media Group are experts at developing interactive websites where the content or data is supplied by and stored into the backend database. Our database driven websites utilize either the Microsoft ASP language or the open source PHP language connected to Microsoft Access, MS SQL or MySQL databases. Microsoft solutions run on Microsoft servers where as PHP and MySQL solutions run on Linux and in most cases Microsoft servers as well.

Our creative team will analyze your existing work flow, and in most cases can create solutions to simplify and automate your corporate web marketing, making your company more productive and effective at presenting your company on the web. For example, data from your company defining sales of properties can be linked to the display of information on the web, including the automated production of images detailing up-to-date site plans of properties sold or available and well as dynamically created popup images detailing property information.