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Fenzi will assist your company in developing a strong brand that will represent your company to your customers, clients and prospects.

Our Process

Stage 1: Business Goals and Brand Personality

We start by listening to you and your company’s goals. What is and isn’t working? What aspects of your brand would you like to focus on? Our highest executives will work closely with you in order to solve all of your branding needs.

Stage 2 : Market Research Analysis

We then carefully pinpoint the marketing challenges your company faces from all perspectives. In order to do so, we analyze the market and your direct competitors. After 30 years of business, our team has a vast understanding of multiple industries to help us work with you and find the proper direction for your brand.

Stage 3 : Visual Elements Adjustment

When all the core information is gathered, our designers move to more artistic stages. While working with your company, we choose the style-direction and color palette which will work best for your brand. The design within a logo, secondary logo, banners, business cards, websites, etc. plays a big part in branding, so our designers pay extra attention to the creative process. A well-thought brand design is a worth while investment.

Stage 4 : Corporate Brand Consistency

When the logo is ready, the color palette is chosen, and other visual elements are prepared, it’s time to bring them together so they work in harmony. Fenzi offers in house physical branding with anything from business cards & brochures to company clothing & merchandise.

Stage 5 : Monitor & Plan For The Future

Fenzi will monitor your branding and make necessary adjustments as time goes on to maintain brand consistency and take care of any problem so that you won’t have to. Communication is key to success which is why we offer our full staff and executives to help you plan for the future.

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